Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Handmade Greeting Cards

My Memo's Greeting Cards

So, I just graduated and I finally decided to open my online greeting cards shop. I have only just started a couple of weeks ago and I am really excited to see if anyone likes my work.

The cards are prints of my drawings and some are purely hand drawn and some edited in Photoshop, I mainly added colour to some of them.

This design is very random and perhaps too personal, I am not sure. The story is that I was doing my driving lessons at the time and this is how I was imagining myself driving a car on my own.

I made this drawing into a card because it could be given to someone who is passing or has just passed their driving licence. I know you don't really get cards on these kind of occasions but hey, why not start a new trend? The music I am listening to in the car is by Elvis and the lyrics say: You are always on my mind.....

This is the actual card:

So this is my first blog in 8 months, I hope you like what I have been up to.

If you are interested in the rest of my designs, here they are on etsy: 

P.S. I am going to watch 'The Watch' ..hilarious.. i love ben stiller

Zukas Scarves and Accessories

I love these scarves by Zukas Scarves and Accessories, they're simple and elegant as well as very well made

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Four days ago was Elvis's birthday or as I like to call it, Elvisday. Elvis not only was a great singer, actor and whatnot but he was also well-dressed, and I am not necessarily talking about his signature white costume but just normal clothes he used to wear. The photo below is my favourite, it is also my phone display picture. I like it because what he's wearing is current and fashionable, his haircut is still very popular. 

So, to celebrate his birthday I wore my elvis t-shirt which I created myself and had it done by snappysnaps for £15. Here it is.

I was a very proud Elvis fan that day, but realised almost no one shared my passion. It might be because he's been dead for more than 30 years but hey you know what they say, (his) music never dies, so find your inner Elvis fan (?), and listen to some good old Are You Lonesome Tonight haha

P.S. Champagne, champagne for everyone! That's what I didn't say on my birthday two days ago

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Men's Fashion

In my opinion, men's clothes are much cooler than women's. It may be because I don't wear them and they always look good on display or on men. It may be because I am attracted to simple designs and men's clothes are simple and neat.
Women are so versatile when it comes to shapes and sizes and it is much harder for us to find what we like, what suits us and what fits us.
This may be true for men too, but as I am not one I can only say what I think.

The only time I wish I was a man is when I see a really cool jumper which I can't wear because I know I would look ridiculous. I like boys who wear cool jumpers and if I had a brother I would make him wear jumpers like these:

So if I was a boy, this would be my style, I know it may not show my biceps or whatever but then would I have any....then again, I am not a boy and neither is Beyonce 

Bye Blog

P.S. Rihanna- We found love is a beautiful song, my sister hates it

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Outfit no 1

As I was creating my daily shopping guide on ThisNext, I realised that I can actually do the same thing on my own blog.

I saw the shoes at Zara the other day and I thought they're so cool but what would go well with them? So that's how I created this outfit. I think it's cool and it's something I would wear.

Ok, so it may not be the best collage I have ever made but it's cute. The lion roar vest is my favourite. In case you were wondering: Vest is from River Island, Scarf is from Zukas Scarves & Accessories, Jeans from Topshop, shoes - Zara.
I also had this red leather jacket to go with the outfit but I didn't want to ruin the beautiful ensemble I have created so I left it out. Here it is -from Bershka.

 So this was my first attempt at creating an outfit, one day I will actually create a whole outfit and also buy it just for fun.

G'day to y'all! (dunno if I'm trying to be Australian or American with this one)

P.S. Listen to The Vaccines - If you wanna

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Online Shopping and my boots

If there are so many clothes and styles to choose from, why can't I never find what I want? Is it just me or is that the general trend?

I guess first of all, you should know what you want before you go shopping.

I found that looking online first, helps, but not much, because most of the times what I see online and what I find in the shop are two different things. For example, I insisted this Christmas that I want these nice boots as a present.
Office KID N PLAY BURGUNDY LEATHER Shoes - Womens Ankle Boots Shoes - Office Shoes

Not only they are leather, on sale and I quote "you can mess around in them", but they also have my size. Only size 3 left, which is probably why they were on sale in the first place.

So as I was saying...I did want them for Christmas, and Santa must have heard it, because surprise... guess what I own now?

I was surprised when I opened the box, because the colour was different, the shape was different and the texture was different to what I saw online. To be honest, I was lucky this time because I love them anyway. ha..they are very comfortable and soft. Here's a photo. (sorry for the bad quality)

Office, on sale £27 (from £69) - I say, bargain!!

Anyway, that's about all I had on my mind about fashion. lol..not much


P.S. the New Girl TV series is pretty cool. Love Zooey Deschanel's style.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Today was the shortest time I took to get ready. It is a date to celebrate in the future. It took me less than two minutes to get ready and I am very proud of myself. Compared to three hours (last friday) I have come a long way. I would like to thank all my fans and everyone who supported me so far ....oh wait... no one reads this blog...

Anyway I thought I'd take a photo to mark this day.

looks like my model like pout is not really working yet
Coat is from Topshop got it on sale for £27(student discount incl), jumper - charity shop or should I say vintage store - either way it only cost me about £2, Leggings - Topshop £18, Socks - H&M £7 (two pairs), shoes - Next £20, and hat is priceless -handknitted by my sister (pure cashmere baby)

Anyway that's about it from me for now!

P.S. Mince pies are in this season OMG!!