Thursday, 12 January 2012


Four days ago was Elvis's birthday or as I like to call it, Elvisday. Elvis not only was a great singer, actor and whatnot but he was also well-dressed, and I am not necessarily talking about his signature white costume but just normal clothes he used to wear. The photo below is my favourite, it is also my phone display picture. I like it because what he's wearing is current and fashionable, his haircut is still very popular. 

So, to celebrate his birthday I wore my elvis t-shirt which I created myself and had it done by snappysnaps for £15. Here it is.

I was a very proud Elvis fan that day, but realised almost no one shared my passion. It might be because he's been dead for more than 30 years but hey you know what they say, (his) music never dies, so find your inner Elvis fan (?), and listen to some good old Are You Lonesome Tonight haha

P.S. Champagne, champagne for everyone! That's what I didn't say on my birthday two days ago

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