Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Handmade Greeting Cards

My Memo's Greeting Cards

So, I just graduated and I finally decided to open my online greeting cards shop. I have only just started a couple of weeks ago and I am really excited to see if anyone likes my work.

The cards are prints of my drawings and some are purely hand drawn and some edited in Photoshop, I mainly added colour to some of them.

This design is very random and perhaps too personal, I am not sure. The story is that I was doing my driving lessons at the time and this is how I was imagining myself driving a car on my own.

I made this drawing into a card because it could be given to someone who is passing or has just passed their driving licence. I know you don't really get cards on these kind of occasions but hey, why not start a new trend? The music I am listening to in the car is by Elvis and the lyrics say: You are always on my mind.....

This is the actual card:

So this is my first blog in 8 months, I hope you like what I have been up to.

If you are interested in the rest of my designs, here they are on etsy: 

P.S. I am going to watch 'The Watch' ..hilarious.. i love ben stiller


  1. Listening to music while driving is normal, but keep in mind that you driving and that you are not walking on the streets --- keep your focus! Your card is a good reminder that even animals shouldn’t be ignored.

    -Marvis Carswell

  2. I like your design, Paulie! It may be simple, but the message is there. You don’t have to broaden your vocab just to express your appreciation. Just a simple symbol will do. And I guess it can be a perfect design for car stickers as well. What do you think?

    Hoa Bracken