Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Men's Fashion

In my opinion, men's clothes are much cooler than women's. It may be because I don't wear them and they always look good on display or on men. It may be because I am attracted to simple designs and men's clothes are simple and neat.
Women are so versatile when it comes to shapes and sizes and it is much harder for us to find what we like, what suits us and what fits us.
This may be true for men too, but as I am not one I can only say what I think.

The only time I wish I was a man is when I see a really cool jumper which I can't wear because I know I would look ridiculous. I like boys who wear cool jumpers and if I had a brother I would make him wear jumpers like these:

So if I was a boy, this would be my style, I know it may not show my biceps or whatever but then would I have any....then again, I am not a boy and neither is Beyonce 

Bye Blog

P.S. Rihanna- We found love is a beautiful song, my sister hates it

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